Our Mission Statement


The Bloom Project donates fresh bouquets of flowers to hospice and palliative care patients, demonstrating beauty, giving and joy during end of life care.


The Bloom Project provides fresh floral bouquets to hospice and palliative care patients on a weekly basis. Local businesses, community members and special events donate flowers and vases. These flowers are re-purposed to create bouquets, designed and delivered by our volunteers to local hospice organizations. Hospice nursing staff, clergy, social workers, and volunteers deliver bouquets to patients in their home or care facility.


Beauty, Giving and Joy
We have the privilege of creating beautiful bouquets (utilizing donated flowers and vases) to brighten and bring joy to someone’s day. The volunteer experience allows each individual to participate in a “random act of kindness” while healing from their own loss of a loved one – giving back to those in hospice care because they understand the importance of this stage of life, for the patient & the family. The hospice staff and volunteers have experienced the joy of bringing these bedside bouquets to their patients, on our behalf.

Compassion and Empathy
Our volunteers and board members understand the importance of this gift and the encouragement it can bring to hospice patients and their family members. Many, if not all, of our volunteers have experienced the impact of hospice care for a loved one while in the final stages of a patient’s life. It is our desire to honor these patients and family members through the gift of flowers.

Stewardship and Sustainability
We are grateful for the gift of flowers and vases, use of retail workspace and utilities, currently at no charge, and the donation of equipment for use in our operations. We are blessed by the commitment of countless hours given by community members as they volunteer with our team. We strive to be good stewards of the resources given to us from re-purposing flowers to composting our floral waste.

We desire to serve our community to the fullest. We will work with businesses and residents within the community to build a plan to fund paid leadership for our organization as well as provide funding for the operational expenses that are not already covered through generous donation of products and services. We will continue provide this “added value service” of bouquets, to our hospice partners for years to come as a compliment to the care that they give to each patient and family member throughout the end of life process.

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