Our Story

The Bloom Project has been giving the gift of fresh floral bouquets to hospice and palliative care patients since 2007.

The project started in the Central Oregon garage of our founder, Heidi Berkman, beginning with a few flowers and a few volunteers who wanted to create something special — bringing beauty and joy to those in end-of-life care. Many of us had experienced the loss of a loved one in hospice care, and recognized that we could make use of resources (flowers) that would otherwise be tossed out.

Over the last decade, we have continued to grow and support hospice and palliative care agencies across the state of Oregon, with the Portland Metro area as our base. Our volunteer teams have flourished, supporting the organization as we continue to serve additional patients and families. We are fortunate to have the use of donated workspaces, supplies and equipment, providing a wonderful place for our volunteers to come together to create beautiful bouquets. In addition, we have developed a committed group of floral and community partners who support our efforts and our mission.

About the Founder

heidi-berkmanHeidi Berkman is the founder and president of The Bloom Project. Heidi has twenty-five years of meeting and event planning experience with a strong background in retail marketing and extensive nonprofit experience. Her deep appreciation for the work of hospice comes from her own personal experience of watching a loved one being cared for. She has always enjoyed working with flowers and is grateful to be able to create bouquets with donated flowers that can provide encouragement to others instead of being discarded. Heidi’s passion for The Bloom Project has motivated her to share the story and spread the word about the power of flowers. Her vision for the organization is to continue to network people and resources in communities where hospice and palliative care organizations are serving patients and their families during end-of-life care. This simple act of kindness can be given by gathering a team of committed volunteers, sourcing flowers and supplies, establishing a workspace and obtaining the support of the surrounding community to provide in-kind products and services along with financial contributions to support the growth and impact of the organization.

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