“The Bloom Project, Oh my! God’s angels were busy this morning! The most lovely array of flowers gently held by none other than that of a beautiful hospice nurse. Such gratitude I am feeling – such a sense of peace! ☺ Thank you, thank you, thank you for the most beautiful experience – your gift of love!”

– Carolyn

“Last week our hospice care worker walked in with flowers for mom and I wanted to share with you how much your project affects not only the hospice patients, but also their families! When the nurse walked in, mom’s eyes lit up and she woke up fully, expressing how beautiful they were. All week, she would look at them and smile and say how pretty the flowers were. On days when the pain is bad or she is just tired, she looks at them and smiles. They (the flowers) seem to make her relax, enjoy and be at peace! I, too loved looking at them all week as it brought back the memory of the delight in her eyes and her smile. Thank you so much for a beautiful bouquet!!”

– Kathy

“My home nurse, Gayle, just brought me the most beautiful bouquet and it meant so much. This helped put a smile on my face and made me feel special. Had a couple of hard days but such pretty flowers and caring has helped. Thank you!”

– Marjorie

“Thank you for the beautiful flowers! Such a wonderful surprise and brightens my small living room. I have a black thumb, so they are extra special! My name is Doris and I am 81 ½ years old. I was told two weeks ago that I wouldn’t live long as I am full of cancer. My body does not like the medication so I am given ¼ of a pill and am mostly comfortable. I am not sad and wish all to celebrate when I go to our heaven. I raised six children – three have passed in the last 10 years and only one brother of mine is left now out of six. Life has lots of joys so I wish to think on these. Thank you again and God Bless!”

– Doris

“Dearest Bloom Project – You are fantastic! My hospice nurse, Lisa, recently brought me your wonderful flowers. They sit beside me, every moment, of the first day of the rest of my life. Bless you all!”

– Claire


“I took a new volunteer to meet a patient last week and brought a bouquet along. The patient was ‘tickled to get flowers from a young man (the volunteer).’ She was so animated! Normally, this patient tends to pretend to be asleep when people visit.”

– Bristol Hospice’s Volunteer Coordinator

“I took a very lonely patient, at one of our less desirable places a red bouquet of roses.  She communicates very little at times and at other times is difficult to understand.  When I gave her the roses, she looked at them a long time and then looked at me and said: “Beautiful, thank you.”  She took a petal off and rubbed it between her fingers and said “soft” and then rubbed the petal on her cheek and smiled.  It made me cry.  I then placed the bouquet by her bed.  Thank you, Heidi and team for blessing our patients.  You make them feel loved and not forgotten.”

– Chaplain

“The flowers have meant so much to the woman that I had the privilege of caring for. (She recently passed away from bone marrow cancer.) Every time the bouquets came, she was happy to receive them. They made her feel loved and like she had another family that was caring for her! It delighted me to see how the flowers brought joy to this woman’s life and made an impact on everyone in the room.”

– Nurse Aide

“Volunteers of The Bloom Project – I cannot begin to tell you how much joy and pleasure your flowers bring to our patients on hospice. They look forward to their weekly bouquets and enjoy them all week! Thank you so much for your kind efforts!”

– Clinical Social Worker

“Dear Team Bloom Project – What is more wonderful on a bright sunny and windy day, but the delivery of beautiful flowers! Already, families are picking out their favorite bouquets! Flowers hold so much happiness. The senses of sight and smell fill with joy and spread throughout troubled hearts and bodies of our children and their families. Another “healing” from The Bloom Project”! May you always know how incredibly special each of you are for your gifts of time, talent and product. You are loved by so many that you will never see, but who will hold you close to their hearts. Just take a deep breath and feel the love that is coming your way as I write this.”

– Sally (Children’s Hospital Administrator)

“Thank you so much for the weekly supply of flowers. It is so amazing to see our hospice patients and their loved ones and how their faces light up at the sight of the beautiful flowers and the love they communicate at a very critical time in their lives. The flowers have been such a joy for both the giver and receiver. Thanks to you and all of your dedicated workers.

– Chaplain


“My husband and I received the most beautiful bouquet from you yesterday. It so uplifts the spirits. What you are doing is a testament to the fact that there are still so many caring people in this world. Your kindness will always be remembered.”

– Richard & Jamie (Patient and Spouse)

“Dear Bloom Project, Thank you so very much for giving a beautiful bouquet to my brother, George. Our chaplain brought these to him. What a kind and beautiful way to bring brightness to his life and also his family’s.”

– Patient’s sister

“After weeks of total desperation, and days of pure unmanaged wicked pain, our daughter finally found a moments peaceful sleep. I sat down in a heap of fear and desperation when I heard a knock on the door. Your volunteer brought in flowers for us just as an act of compassion and I lost it. Through tears I rambled on about our girl. Severe special needs keep us from being able to isolate her pain. Know those flowers for her (and a supportive moment for us), meant more than words can say. Keep doing what your doing and never doubt the potency of your gift, your time and your love. Thank you.”

– Patient’s Mother

“My aunt has been in a memory care facility for 10 months. She has Alzheimer’s and invasive bladder cancer. She has been depressed, sad and everyday just wants to go home. She was always quite a gardener and loved her flowers. The beautiful bouquet you sent raised her spirits for several days. Thank you for the work you are doing for all of those suffering.”

– Patient’s family member

“I am remiss in not thanking you sooner for the lovely bouquet presented to my husband as he entered hospice. Mario – unable to see or hear and slipping rapidly down the Alzheimer’s path – could still smell and touch the flowers which remained beside his bed. He always loved flowers and took hundreds of slides of anything that bloomed. I know that your flowers were one of the last things he recognized. Your flowers in their many colors and variety and scent were an inspiration to me as well. I had forgotten how lovely flowers in the home can be. It’s a practice I intend to continue. On behalf of Mario … again, I thank you.”

– Patient’s wife

“I would like to say thank you so much for the beautiful flowers. My husband loved nature and all the beautiful things – flowers, grass, plants, wildlife. He had cancer for nearly four years. When we were informed that things had turned for the worse, he wanted no treatments, only to come home. So, hospice helped me take care of him. All of the hospice people brought him beautiful flowers. One night I was talking to him as he was kind of going in and out. When he was awake, I said ‘Sweetie, look at the beautiful flowers your nurse brought you.’ They were sitting on a nightstand by the bed. He turned his head and opened his eyes and just got a big smile on his face. Thank you so much for that moment of happiness.”

– Patient’s wife

“Bloom Project Volunteers – Your beautiful fresh flower bouquets truly brighten the lives of those needing to know others are thinking about them.  My sister received one of your bouquets when her hospice nurse visited her at home.  I was lucky enough to be there to see how the gesture touched her heart.  The flowers were a delightful surprise that day and a topic of conversation for days to come. Thank you for the time and skills you donate – you are making a difference!”

– Patient’s sister

“I thank you for the lovely bouquet presented to my husband as he entered hospice. Mario, unable to see or hear and slipping rapidly down the Alzheimer’s path, could still smell and touch the flowers which remained beside his bed. He always loved flowers and took hundreds of photos of anything that bloomed. I know that your flowers were one of the last things he recognized. Your flowers in their many colors, variety and scent were an inspiration to me as well. I had forgotten how lovely flowers in the home can be. It’s a practice I intend to continue!

– Susan (Patient’s Wife)

“Thank you for sending the beautiful roses to our daughter. May is a veteran in home hospice with advanced cancer. She appreciated the flowers so much and all of us enjoyed them tremendously. She was so happy that you thought of her. We are all grateful! We very much appreciate The Bloom Project! Thank you for thinking of a veteran.

– Gretchen (Patient’s Mother)

“I want to thank you so much for the flowers that our nurse’s aid brought to us.   Two years ago, we found out that my wife had stage four cancer.   She battled it for two years and passed away 11-18-15 at 11:27pm. She was with hospice for five weeks.   The flowers were beautiful.   I am so grateful that they were there for my wife to see.  She was bed ridden, so see saw them every day. I can’t thank you enough!”

– Brad (Patient’s Husband)


“Bloom gives us the opportunity to give back to the people who are getting ready to pass into the other world. I personally think Bloom has given me the opportunity to see the world through the eyes of the people in need. I would not change a thing – I like bloom just the way it is. I am happy to say our team is making a difference in the world.
When I was in transition co-op, I was hanging out with my friends when of the staff said: 

”Lilly do you volunteer with The Bloom Project?” I responded: ” Yes, I do”! She said one of my friends wanted to say thank you and that it brightens their day.
Today, I still think back on the first day I arrived at Bloom and remember how they all welcomed me. I have never been so happy to get up every Tuesday and say 
”Yes, I’m going to Bloom”! 

Bloom is the place I can let my creative mind take action and I will continue to be a helping hand.”

– Lilly (Bloom Project Volunteer)

“Yesterday when I took overflow flowers to Doernbecher Children’s Hospital, I set up all the buckets on a table in the lobby.  To get things going, I stayed for a while and handed bouquets out to those passing by: patients, families and clergy.
One little boy just touched my heart.  Maybe around 6 years old, his mom was taking him outside in a wagon to get a bit of sunshine before returning to his room.  He was bald, pale and clearly weak.  He beamed when I handed him a bouquet of tulips and held them close to his heart.  In a shy, whispering voice he said “I’m going to give these to my sister when she visits me today after school – I miss her!” It was all I could do to keep from openly sobbing, but I told him I thought they both needed a bouquet and handed him another.  He was thrilled and one would have thought I had given him his favorite toy.  He grinned from ear to ear!
You talked today about the “why” of TBP.  This was my why yesterday.  Thank you for the reminder of recognizing, and reinforcing the “why” every time I volunteer – it’s about the people! Enjoy the awesome sunshine!!”

– Melinda (Bloom Project Volunteer)


“It is a privilege to be a part of the mission and vision of The Bloom Project. I have found it is easy to get lost in the details of business and forget the power of a gift. This opportunity to give back has changed our lives, both our staff and family and cannot imagine life without The Bloom Project!”

– Larry (Supplier/Donor)

“Our family has been planting, growing, cutting and selling flowers for 35 years. We view these flowers as a commodity. That is, until we were introduced to The Bloom Project and the opportunity to donate flowers to such a wonderful cause. Now, we know and better understand the power of flowers and the difference it is making in the lives of so many within our community. We are pleased to be a part of this effort!”

– Martin (Farmer/Wholesaler)

“Our team understands the importance of the mission of The Bloom Project. We are proud to donate flowers from our stores to help support the effort to bring beauty and joy to hospice patients.”

– Local Grocer


To The Bloom Project/Portland,

This note is to send a heartfelt thank you for the beautiful flowers you gave to my father during the last three weeks of his life in Portland. I am a Bloom volunteer in Bend & had told my dad all about The Bloom Project when I first started about a year ago. When the first bouquet arrived dad whispered to me, “Are those Bloom?” I replied, “They are.” He softly smiled at me and gave me a kiss and said, “They are beautiful.”
My sisters loved the flowers as well.  My Dad’s brother asked about them & I told him the story of The Bloom Project & he was truly touched.
The last day of Dad’s life, Sarah, his hospice nurse from Providence came in with another beautiful bunch of flowers. At that point dad was not aware of the beauty she brought, but the family absolutely was & I thank you so very much….
The flowers not only helped dad & our family, they also helped Sarah from Providence Hospice. On the family’s first meeting with Sarah (before she met dad) she started by asking, “Which one of you volunteers for The Bloom Project?” I was so surprised and said, “That would be me.” She expressed to me that it was very important that I know how much the flowers mean to her! She explained that in the mornings when she walks into the hospice office and sees the flowers they make her feel better, brighten her day & immediately bring a smile to her face! My family & I are grateful.

– Nanette Willhite, Daughter of Patient

A hospice nurse brought one of your donated bundles of grace to my mom yesterday. A lovely, lovely gift, adding a note of pleasantness to her last days. Thank you!

– Peg, Daughter of Patient

Our grandson, my husband, and I went to our first group meeting at The Dougy Center in Portland. It was an amazing facility, staffed with great people, who generously provided an after-meeting-dinner for everyone. And just when we couldn’t have felt more cared for , they offered us flowers on our way out the door.  Our grandson asked if he could take a bouquet to his mom who has cancer, and they said of course.
It was wonderful seeing his face light up knowing he was bringing her flowers – and the bouquet included her favorite: white roses.   Your gift was the cherry on the sundae of a wonderful evening.  In finding The Dougy Center, we are taking our first step in the journey to understand and cope with my daughter’s cancer. Thank you for your gift.

– Linda, Grandmother/Mother of Patient

As he was nearing the end of his life’s journey, my husband’s Hospice nurse brought flowers from your organization.  Those flowers brightened his room during those last few days, and brought a touch of beauty and comfort.  They have lasted since he passed away several days ago, and I have continued to enjoy and appreciate them. Thank you for your kind generosity and caring.

 – Gail, Wife of Patient

I wanted to take an opportunity to thank The Bloom Project for the beautiful bouquet that was made available to my teen following their surgery at Doernbecker’s Childrens Hospital.  I can’t tell you enough how it brightened their day. Many thanks also goes out to the individual who was kind enough to re-purpose their flowers through The Bloom Project.  What a wonderful thing to do. In closing, thank you for making it possible to bring a smile, a lightness, and for bringing beauty to those in need.

– Parent of patient

I wanted to thank you so much for your thoughtful gift of flowers.
I have been attending hospice grief sessions as I am so lost without my dear husband who passed unexpectedly and suddenly in front of me last year. All the stress of moving here while that happened has all but destroyed me. When I left our session last week, and the staff said I could have some flowers to take, I could not believe it! It was the lift I needed as my dear Tom gave me surprise flowers right before he passed away.
I picked a bouquet of the ones I knew he would have picked out for me. I am sure there are a great many people that have felt your care through these flowers who are not in a place to thank you, but have no doubt the difference you make in their life. God bless you all.

– Cheryl, Spouse of Patient

I want to tell you that the sight ahead of me on Burnside as our cars caravanned to Zupan’s Market (Burnside) gave me chills! We were sent out into our community to do something good. I ask everyday to be sent out to do something good. Today was absolutely my prayer in action. I knew that when I saw our cars ahead of me.  Thank you for creating this wonderful experience!

— Bonnie, Bloom Project Portland Volunteer

I took a very lonely patient, (at one of our less desirable places) a bouquet of red roses.  She communicates very little at times and at other times is difficult to understand.  When I gave her the roses, she looked at them a long time and then looked at me and said:  “beautiful, thank you”.  She took a petal off a rose and rubbed it between her fingers and said “soft”. Then, rubbed the petal on her cheek and smiled.  It made me cry.  I then placed the bouquet by her bed.  Thank you, Heidi and team, for blessing our patients.  You make them feel loved and not forgotten.

— Marcia, Hospice Chaplain

Dear Friends – I just want to say thank you for the lovely bouquets presented by our hospice aid and nurse who came to care for my husband when he was very ill.  What a spirit lifter and such a kindness in a difficult time.  God bless you for this way of encouragement.

— Eleanor, Wife of patient

My grandmother asked me to write this note on her behalf. These are her exact words for your kind gesture.  Thank you for making her day so special.  “Our lady from hospice brought me a lovely bouquet on Saturday that she said you sent to give to a patient.  Thank you!  They were beautiful and what I kind way to make the day of a stranger!

— Mary, Patient

A patient (a former gardener) adores her weekly bouquet.  She takes such pride in the beauty of the flowers and always brings her bouquet down to each meal at her assisted living facility to share with her dining table companions.

— Hospice Staff

A patient who lived frugally adores the bouquets that are brought to her.  These flowers make her feel pampered and indulged on a regular basis and take her back to special times in the past when she received flowers.

— Hospice Staff

One of our fiercely independent veterans has found that not only did the regular bouquets bring beauty to his surroundings, but he also discovered great joy in connecting with his volunteer.  The flowers opened the door to a being able to match a volunteer with a patient for meaningful conversation and companionship.

— Hospice Staff

The brightest and most colorful bouquet goes to our eclectic and nearly blind patient.  Being able to slightly see the color and enjoy the fragrance is a small pleasure she enjoys.  The companionship of the volunteer bringing the bouquet is an added bonus to this patient’s life.

— Hospice Staff

A hard working, non-nonsense male patient recently requested to receive more feminine colored bouquets as he sees the bouquets make his wife light up!

— Hospice Staff

“I want you know how much your flowers mean to me and to my patients. Normally, I am the angel of darkness. On days I get to deliver flowers, I deliver smiles and love. I love this about my job: delivering beautiful bouquets to unsuspecting hospice patients.

Last week, I visited a patient at a skilled nursing facility. I’m just guessing from the rough lifestyle she led, that she probably never received a bouquet of a dozen roses before. She had a very hard life, riddled with deaths, drugs, and mental illness. No one in her family visits her. She previously refused my care, telling the caregivers she didn’t like me. Normally, she scowled at me, answering questions monosyllabically, trying to get to me to leave as soon as possible.

When I arrived for our last visit, she was sitting next to the nursing station in a wheelchair. I marched up to her, smiled the biggest smile that I could muster, and handed her the roses. She looked down at the roses in shock, and her hard, angry expression melted into a smile and embarrassed tears for 10 minutes. She covered her face with both hands, then looked back into the roses and smelled them and cried and cried. I sat with her while she cried. I asked her if she had ever received a bouquet before, and she said no. I said, “You deserve flowers.”  Then she let me take her vitals with a shy little smile. Truly, some days I can’t believe I am paid to do this. Some days I feel like like the angel of darkness and magic, but the magic is bestowed upon me instead of the other way around. She died suddenly about 2 days later.

I wanted to thank you for the opportunity to give this woman the gift of love and joy, for making her feel special and loved for a few minutes before she died. Everyone deserves to feel like a beauty queen.

Thank you.

— Case Manager, RN (Providence Hospice)

Dear Bloom Project,
This  weeks  bouquets is so beautiful and is making me feel so much better.  Thank you for thinking of me so soon. I miss being out in my garden this year and I always had fresh cut flowers on my kitchen table.  You are now my angels.

— Thank you, Betty


It’s always worthwhile and important to align with organizations that serve our community and those that live here and beyond, but when you find one that serves you and fills you up at the same time, that’s the sweet spot and that’s what The Bloom Project is for me. Beauty, joy, the satisfaction that comes from repurposing discarded resources, the opportunity to send messages of love and support, teamwork, togetherness, it’s all there waiting for me each time I walk through the door. Every time I leave The Bloom Project I’m already looking forward to the next time I’ll be back.

— Central Oregon Bloom Project Volunteer

My mother has been the recipient of bouquets from this project.  She has cancer and dementia.  She loves these bouquets and often asks to have them moved closer so she can see them.  These living blossoms make her room so much more livable.

— Thank you, Ann

I just wanted to say THANK YOU to you and The Bloom Project for all that you do!
My lil brother died in July, and was in palliative care here in Bend for nearly a year!
The flowers really DO matter, to the patient, and to us, the family…

— One Love, Jill

As I was unloading the flowers from my trunk, one of the staff came out to greet me and alerted me that one of the patients had died that morning and that shortly he would be taken from the hospice and then to the funeral home. She said the staff would pay tribute by assembling outside as the family and Chaplain Eric accompanied the body. I put the flowers in the kitchen and when I was done, I  waited in the lobby so as not to disturb anyone. Then a staff member took one of our beautiful bouquets out to the family, and someone began to lay some of the flowers, very tenderly and reverently, one by one on his chest. The remainder of the bouquet was given to the family in a vase.  I waited to leave until after he had been taken away and the family had some time alone with each other so that I wouldn’t intrude.

I am going to remember this for a long time — how comforting those flowers were at this very moment when the family was saying their final goodbyes, and how right it seemed that some of those flowers went with him. And I was glad that our flowers had arrived just in time to give comfort and peace, straight from our hands to theirs. I don’t know which one of us created that particular bouquet this morning,  but really it came from all our hands, and all our hearts, and I know we are all privileged to be part of this.

— Kathy

All my life I’ve used light, color, and design in my home and school room to keep kids happy.  Today I came into my room and there was an arrangement!  I was happy with the white and yellow flowers and a love bug!  Yes, I’m Happy

— Ruby

I would like to say thank you so much for the beautiful flowers.  My husband loved nature and all the beautiful things flowers, grass, plants, wildlife.  My husband had been fighting cancer with holistic treatments for almost four years.  He had a fall when I was at work.  The paramedics took him to the hospital and it was there we found things had turned for the worse.  My husband wanted no treatments only to come home.  So hospice helped me take care of him.  All of the hospice people brought him beautiful flowers. One night I was talking to him and he was kind of going in and out.  When he was awake I said “sweetie look at these beautiful flowers that your nurse brought you”.  They were sitting on a night stand by the bed.  He turned his head and opened his eyes and just got a big smile on his face.  Thank you so much for that moment of happiness!!

— Debra, Wife of a hospice patient

“I made the hour long drive, again. The parking attendant knows me.

Navigate the hospital halls like a pro… this time, a meeting to confirm – remove all the tubes and arrange for hospice – my only sister, my only family, too ill to repair.

My universe was pretty dark, I was so focused it took me by surprise- a burst of color, life, beauty- sharp contrast  to  the drab beige of the hospital room…
“Who? How? I didnt…”
I checked the card, and unsuccessfully fought the tears.
…Tried to show Sis, but I realized the flowers were for me.

That bright little bouquet warmed my heart. It reminded me to breathe, and take care of me too. Honestly, it started  to  untie the knot in my chest… I didn’t even know it was there.

Thank you so much!

— Donna

Dear Bloom Project,
Thank you so very much for the beautiful floral arrangements.  The flowers are beauty in action.  “George” has been comforted and visually inspired by this special gift.

We, the family, wish you to know the power of nature has reminded us as a family of the passages of living: Spring, Summer, Fall & Winter – the new bud, the blooming flower, the change of color reminding us of transitions and finally the quiet, serenity of winter. Blessings to all who participate in this project!

— Anonymous

Thank you so much for the extra weekly supply of flowers. It is so amazing to see our hospice patients and their loved ones and how their faces light up at the sight of the beautiful flowers and the love they communicate at a very critical time in their lives. The flowers have been such a joy for both the giver and receiver. Thanks to you and all of your dedicated workers.

— Chaplain Eric Smith
The Hopewell House, Legacy Health

I wanted to share a story of how your flowers make a difference. I was sent out to see a patient that was in the Active Phase of the dying process. I heard that the family was present and in distress. I grabbed some of your lovely flowers to cheer up the room and bring some joy. Prior to my arrival, the daughter was distraught that her mother’s flowers were dying in the room and reluctantly threw them out. As I came in the room with your flowers, I placed in a vase next to the bed and tended to the patient. The daughter shared with me that her mother loved flowers, and she wanted to have some near her during her process. She also shared that your flowers brought by our hospice team really made a positive impact for the patient and the whole family. I shared your Bloom Project card which she had not noticed, and tears came to her eyes that a flower company would be donating these specifically to dying patients.

Thank you so much for your energy and effort every week to provide lovely bouquets to our patient’s and everyone involved in their environment.

 — Marian Goodenough, BSN RN; Case Manager
Hospice Care of The Northwest




click to enlargeMicrosoft Word - Project Bloom- Randall Children's Hospital 8/13



Dear People of the Bloom Project, My mother, Rose, received a lovely and very unexpected bouquet of fresh flowers donated by your organization recently. Thank you for providing this little ray of sunshine. Mom suffers from the debilitating effects of Alzheimer’s and has been in the care of hospice for 11 months now. I too am suffering from witnessing over these past 11 months the debilitating end stage  of Alzheimer’s on my poor mother. I just wanted to let you know that the bouquet was very appreciated by us both. Thank you for doing what you do.

— Catherine

Hello Bloom Project, I am the director of Life Enrichment at Bend Transitional Care. Here at BTC we have people who have discharged from the hospital and are undergoing therapy and rehabilitation. Many of our clients face pain and great challenges, both physically and mentally. Your flowers brighten the days of these folks, and help change lives …

One of our clients lost the use of her dominant extremity, her right arm and hand. She was convinced she would not paint again in her lifetime, something from which she used to find much joy. Then we got a delivery of your fresh flowers, and she loved them so much she just had to attempt to paint them. Now the story goes, that she is a talented left-handed painter. This is just one example of how our patients and staff at BTC benefit from what your volunteers and donors provide. We appreciate what you do! Thank you!

— Courtney Carlson, Life Enrichment Director

Hello! My grandmother just passed away and I am in Michigan. We had such beautiful flowers and repurposed them to bring to her nursing home. Folks were elated! We were a little mini Bloom Project! Thanks for sharing your vision with the world!

— Sarah, Hospice Partner (social worker)

I would like to expess my sincere THANK YOU!! for such a wonderful organization. Our CNA has brought me a few times now beautiful flowers at the time when I have been emotionally down, and it gave me an uplift I truly needed each time. It is very difficult to see and caregive 24/7 a loved one, and I can only express how much a bouquet of flowers can do at a time of need.

— Valarie, Caregiver

I so appreciate the flowers you bring to Whispering Winds.  As a widow of 18 years and with no family in Bend, the bouquets bring sunshine into my life when I need a boost.  Thank you so much!!

— Sally

Receiving the flowers so close to Father’s Day made my husband beam with joy!!!! Thanks to all the volunteers!!!!

 — Wife of Hospice Patient

Hello Folks, I volunteer for Heart and Home Hospice.  I deliver your wonderful arrangements to a retirement home and a foster care home. People just light up when I come in with the big box.  I place the arrangements in the common areas and in our patients’ rooms. Sometimes, a resident of the home will  just have such a happy reaction that I ask them if they would like a bouquet in their room.  I have had them cry with tears of joy and get so excited I was afraid they would have an accident. I frequently refresh the water on any I see that need it, and boy do they last longer. I wanted to relate to you that you have spread so much joy. It makes me happy to deliver and service them and pull out the spent blooms and replace them in other vases. And, I’ve pulled the dead dry ones out and have made yet another arrangement. Thank you for all you do. It is appreciated by hospice, volunteers, patients, families and staffers. A THOUSAND THANKS AND BLESSINGS TO YOU ALL. I am so proud of what you do to contribute to the happiness and well being of others.

— Marilyn, Heart and Home Hospice Volunteer

Hello dear hearts, We want to express our heartfelt thanks for the bouquets that were brought to Donna by the wonderful people from Serenity company. The flowers were in prime condition — fresh, firm and glorious color. We arranged them into three vases so they could be enjoyed throughout the house. Your “sharing beauty” is spreading “much joy” Thank you.

— The Swan Family

Thank you for sending the beautiful bouquet of red roses to my husband in the hospital! They lifted our spirits at a difficult time.  He came home on hospice care and has improved greatly, in part due to caring people like you. Thank you again for the flowers!!

— Marilyn, Wife of Hospice Patient

Dear Bloom Project, For many months I have noticed the beautiful flowers when I spent time with my mom at Fox Hollow. I saw the little Bloom Project Card but was looking for the name of a friend or family member who might have sent or brought them; I had not read the fine print.  The morning of March 27 my mom left for HOME.  When I arrived, Melinda and Bree, her Hospice nurses, were there as was a vase packed full of brilliant yellow daffodils.  That sunny yellow color spot lit up the whole place and it lit up and comforted my heart as well!  Throughout the rest of the day there my eyes kept going back to them often  Amazing to me how the flowers communicated so much encouragement, warmth, love and joy just when I needed it most.  I realize looking back that those happy yellow flowers provided tangible emotional support that actually strengthened me physically as well!  It’s as though the flowers were saying, “You are not alone and you are loved”!

I brought the bouquet and the little card home with me.  I continued to be nourished and strengthened by those daffodils each day!  One day I picked up the card and actually read that these flowers (and the many others my mom had received) were donated and that Melinda or Bree must have been bringing them.  I was in awe and so very thankful and grateful!   As I write this the tears well up in my eyes letting me know just how thankful and grateful I feel!  Such beautiful gifts, unearned, undeserved, freely given as gifts with nothing expected in return.  Having experienced this personally I now  see how such giving impacts peoples’ hearts and lives.  Thank you with all my heart!  The  cheery yellow daffodils, especially at such a time, were a beautiful, sweet help for me!!! So very grateful for your kindness.

 — Carole, Family Member of Hospice Patient

We just lost our mother, and hospice was a great help.  When we came to our mother’s room to clean it out, there were flowers greeting us.  This was a nice touch showing someone cared.  Thank you.

— Family Member of Hospice Patient

Thank you very much for the lovely flowers given to my Mother by Sharon from your group. They were a great “lift” and are a wonderful gesture of kindness.

— Son of Hospice Patient

My husband is a hospice patient with Partners in Care. The volunteers and nurses occasionally bring flowers when they visit, and we appreciate it in so many ways — the thoughtfulness of those who bring them, the people who put them together (very talented and with an artful eye). Thanks to you all.  And mostly speaking for myself,  I love flowers. They bring joy to my life at a time when I need it . So thank you to you all, and may God bless!

— Wife of Hospice Patient

What a joy it was to my mom to be given a beautiful flower arrangement from a hospice employee on Thursday of last week. Mom loved to tend her flowers that she had planted around her home. She always shared her beautiful flowers with her family, close friends and friends that she came to know in her neighborhood. We placed the flower arrangement on our dining room table next to an amaryllis plant given to her by a granddaughter and a miniature stuffed dog — a good friend brought it to her — that resembles her teacup poodle named Midgit. When we get her up for meals, she enjoys the beauty of the blooms! Thank you for bringing such a touch of beauty to people.

— Family Member of Hospice Patient

“I wish to thank everyone with The Bloom Project. I was given a beautiful bouquet of flowers from the people from hospice when my husband, Rich, passed away. It helped to cheer me up a little bit at this very sad time. Thanks again.”

— Claudia, Wife of Hospice Patient

“Thank you for sharing such beautiful flowers. My husband is in the care of Serenity Hospice in Portland, Oregon and has been since the middle of September. I have kept him at home, and now he has only days if not hours to live. When the girls bring flowers, I always put them by his bed. I have so enjoyed seeing and smelling their freshness. Thank you again for your kindness.”

— Wife of Hospice Patient

“My mother was admitted into hospice care recently at the age of 102. She received your flowers this week, and it brought the biggest smile to her face! Thank you so much for your caring ways.”

— Family Member of Hospice Patient

“On Valentines Day, I brought flowers to Smokey, a patient who was in prison most of his life. He looked up at me with tears in his eyes and said no one had ever given him flowers before. I got to sit as he shared stories from his life … He died a few days later. Amazing to me how such a small gift could touch someone in such a special way.”

— Hospice Social Worker

“The note from the wife of a patient reminds one the little things in life are so very important.  It is nice to be assured that our efforts are received and appreciated at a very difficult time in loved ones lives.  The flowers we provide are a feeling of love and companionship to the survivors as well.  I know from experience when my sister was dying that the little efforts or the tokens of caring meant the very most. We pondered those items and feelings in the middle of the night, and it gave us some of the strength to carry on and give to the loved one all we could, plus brighten our spirits to face each day and each night. That time is an ache in my heart forever, but I can remember the help from hospice and others that carried us along … as someone who has experienced the end of life of a dear one and been a large part of the suffering and daily care, a bouquet of flowers does show the love we are trying to provide. I am so happy to be apart of your program.”

— Volunteer, Zola

“I want to thank you for the delightful bouquets that my hospice nurses have brought to me from your organization. I just love flowers and have had a Flower Garden everywhere I have lived.  Thank you so much.”

— Hospice Patient

“Your beautiful bouquet brightened up my wife’s room at Maryville Nursing Home in Beaverton recently. Her stroke in January left her vision impaired, but your flowers were a welcome addition to her environment.”

– Husband of Patient

“Thank you for the gift of flowers. My Mom loved them and they made her very happy. She smiles at them often. I can’t express enough how grateful we were to have something cheerful happen. Your generosity and thoughtfulness and caring is greatly appreciated. Thank you!”

 — Daughter of Hospice Patient

“Patients love the flowers they are receiving. One patient cleared the bedside table off so she could have her flowers in front of her. One patient has nothing but plastic flowers in her house the staff delivered the flowers, and she was so excited to have real flowers. Another staff member took flowers to the mother of one of our pediatric patients, and she just loved having flowers given to her. It is making our staff so happy to be able to do something so wonderful for our patients that they love making the deliveries.”

— Hospice Administrator

“The story I wish to share is about a woman that had been in the hospital for about four days due to abdominal pain. I met her on day four — the night before she would be discharged, as the source of her pain had subsided. She had a son that was only minimally involved in her life and a significant other that had difficulty entering a hospital, so she had minimal social support. She had been sitting alone watching television when I met her, and when I walked in with a sunny bouquet of yellow, peach and white ‘happiness in a vase,’ she started to cry — feeling unsure about why she deserved such a thing. She said, ‘That’s the nicest thing someone’s done for me in a long time!’  We visited for awhile, and she held my hand with gratitude. What a gift to me, also as a caregiver, to be able to share this joy with this patient. The flowers I shared with her helped open a door for her to share her feelings and process her experience as she healed.”

— Chaplain