Affiliate Program – FAQ

Thanks for your interest in our Affiliate Program! Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for hospice/palliative care organizations around the country to get involved and experience the Beauty, Giving and Joy that is The Bloom Project!

Below are answers to some questions you may have.

What is The Bloom Project Affiliate Program?
The Bloom Project Affiliate Program enables hospice and palliative organizations nationwide to build and operate a Bloom Project in their own community. Each hospice/palliative care organization will collaborate with local floral partners and a volunteer team to provide fresh floral bouquets on a weekly basis to the patients they serve.

Why an Affiliate Program, and not another Bloom Project location?
Over the past ten years, The Bloom Project has received many inquiries from people and organizations eager to start a Bloom Project in their own community.  While the idea seems simple, the work behind it can be complex. Like any new business, many hours are required to carefully and thoughtfully build a program.  The Bloom Project has many moving parts, all of which need to be coordinated into an efficient operation – from recruiting and training volunteers, establishing and nurturing local floral partner relationships to repurposing and gifting beautiful bouquets to patients each week.  It’s also true that not every city may have the resources available to manage an ongoing operation. With all that in mind, The Bloom Project has created our Affiliate Program for interested hospice/palliative organizations to easily and economically set up and run a Bloom Project affiliate.

How does The Bloom Project Affiliate Program work?
The Bloom Project provides a program model, with all the necessary materials and systems to implement the program.  Included are templates for recruiting and training volunteers, guidelines for finding and setting up a work space, suggestions on community outreach for building community partners, marketing, branding and social media guidelines, as well as ongoing support.

What if I’m not associated with a hospice or palliative care facility?
The Bloom Project Affiliate Program will be offered to and operated by hospice and/or palliative care facilities.  Consider reaching out to a local hospice/palliative care facility in your community to see if you can assist them in applying to be a Bloom Project Affiliate. YOU may just be the catalyst in helping them establish a Bloom Project in their organization!

** We are in the process of developing this program and hope to have an application process in place by year’s end.  If you would like to be contacted regarding the application process or if we can answer any additional questions about the program, please send an email with the subject line “Affiliate Program” to Please also include a preferred contact email as well as whether or not you are currently affiliated with a hospice or palliative care provider.