Thank you for considering donating your special event/wedding flowers to The Bloom Project here in Portland! We very much appreciate you thinking of us. In addition to a minimum of 3 weeks advance notice, listed below are a few requirements that need to be considered.

In order to reuse your flowers in the bouquets we create and gift to hospice, the stems of the flowers must be at least 14 inches long. Oftentimes, table centerpieces have been cut much shorter than that to accommodate smaller vases and/or placement in green Oasis floral blocks. Also, we are not able to accept bridal or bridesmaid bouquets. In our experience, the bouquets are heavily “used” during the wedding & reception, so are rarely in good enough condition to be repurposed in our bouquets. The bouquets we send out to our hospice partners are meant to last 5-7 days once delivered.

If the majority of the flowers do meet the required stem length of 14 inches long, please send an email to  that includes:

  • The date of the event.
  • The approximate number and type of flowers you’ll be donating.
  • Whether or not you (or someone you know) will be able to bring the flowers to our work space at 160 SW Miller Road, Portland, OR 97225.
    *Please note that for larger donations, we may be able to arrange to have one of our volunteers pick up the flowers at the venue itself, but this is not always possible/practical. It is always easier if you can bring the flowers to us.
  • Any other questions you may have.

*If your wedding flowers do not meet our requirements, another option would be to contact a senior care facility or similar organization in the area shortly before your wedding/event to see if they are able to use the flower arrangements in their dining or common areas.